Welcome to the Berlin sport club Akademie der Wissenschaften! With over 700 members in 15 sections we are one of the large multi disciplinary sport clubs in Berlin. We offer a wide variety of sport activities. As a non-profit organisation all our work is voluntary and done by our members, we keep our fees on a very reasonable level so that everyone can afford its sport.

Our Club

900 Members

Currently we are having about 900 members and growing stadely. Enjoy the sport and be part of our club.


Founded over 70 years ago the Berlin sport club Akademie der Wissenschaften (BSV AdW e.V) is one of the older sport clubs in Berlin Treptow-Köpenick.

History of the club

15 Possibilities

Currently you can choose between 15 different activities in our club. Starting from "B" like basketball until "W" like water sports we are offer anything but boring.

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CLUB ITALIA Berlino stands out for italian amateur soccer like nothing else in Berlin. As part of the AdW it units youngsters and youngtimers with a habbit for the round one.

More Soccer

Full Week Schedule

You only have a certain day for doing sport? Look into our full week schedule and find out what is possible on that day at the our club. Try out and find your matching one.

Week Schedule


You are bound locally? Use the our overview map. It will show you all activities at AdW possible near you place. Choose one and try out.

Overview Map

Interested? Reach out to us.


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